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Please add integration to UpNote

Daniel M Greenberg16 days ago
Feature 🔥Improvement 💕

My first thought when I signed up for Findr was if they would be able to help me find certain Zaps by typing in a search term.

If Zapier could be included that would be amazing!

James23 days ago
Feature 🔥 is one of the most popular small business CRMs out there. they have a decent api, and a huge userbase of agencies who sell the software to their customers.

Danny Rios23 days ago
Feature 🔥

I'd like to be able to add APIs to services you don't support.

25 days ago
Feature 🔥

Perhaps instead of integrating with browsers & their bookmarks / saved files etc ... Findr can have integrations instead w/ browsers & their online Bookmark Saver apps, like Pocket (FireFox) etc?

Then there' no need to integrate directly to browsers.

From similar Appsumo Question area:

Q: "What about browser (Chrome, FF, etc) search and find. Either bookmarks, browsing history, or both."

A: "With the release of our chrome extension in the coming weeks we will be able to do that!"

My Archivables25 days ago
Feature 🔥

Once you have connected to a 3rd-party app, it should display them in two sorted groups:

Connected Apps

[show connected apps here]

Add an App

[additional apps available that are not currently connected]

Default display should be Alphabetical or by Popularity. Once there are a lot more app integrations, it will be necessary to be able to sort them with a drop-down filter, possibly with the type of software as a category as well.

Peter25 days ago
Improvement 💕

I know you have a filter option after a search but this would be easier/quicker for the user, return results more quickly, and allow people to narrow results more specifically



/sheets June Invoice

(only returns Google Sheets results)

/hubspot coffee landing page v2

(only returns Hubspot results)


/@Peter June Invoice

(only returns results by an author/owner named Peter)


/sheets @Peter June Invoice

(only returns Google Sheets results by an author/owner named Peter)

Anyone who uses Slack or Discord is familiar with this and it is starting to be used in many other apps as well.

Peter25 days ago
Feature 🔥Improvement 💕

Being able to find messages, files, etc. in Discord would be great (similar to your Slack integration).

Peter25 days ago
Feature 🔥